JOLT- Batteries manufactured by Sota Enertech

SA Series General Application
SA series is a general purpose battery with 3 - 5 years in standby service or more than 400 cycles at 50% depth of discharge in cycle service.
XSA Series High Performance
XSA series is a high performance battery with 4~6 years standy design life or more than 500 cycles at 50% depth of discharge in cycling service.
HCSA Series High cycle life
HCSA series is a design for deep cycle application with more than300 cycles at 100% DoD or more than 400 cycles at 75% DoD.
HRSA Series High Rate
HRSA series is specifically designed for high effecient dischargeapplication. It offers much improved power densities up to 30% morewatts per kilogram than conventional SA models.
UPSA series UPS Performance
UPSA series is a tailored design for UPS application.It offers muchimproved power densities of up to 50% more watts per killogram than conventional SA models when operated in the 10 minutes discharge rate.
XLSA series Extra Long life
XLSA series is a - Perfect MatchTM -VRLA Telecommunication Monoblocs, Our XLSA series-Perfect MatchTM -system is a design by maximizing usable power into a space saving footprint (high power density). The design stresses on: ease of handling ,excellent connectivity, safe, and environmentally friendly .The Design Life of our Perfect MatchTM is more than 10 years in accordance to the EUROBAT Standard.
LLSA Series Long life
LLSA series is a long life battery used with float Germany technical and more than 10 years design life .
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